Fantastic! There’s no other word to describe this Dior Couture collection. Dramatic (maybe teatrical) glamourus catwalk, sorrounded by an “ordered disorder” that just make you get excited about all the messy fabris carefully planed and placed to make this incredible collection, where once again his love affair with red! Sensual red lips, red garments, red shoes! Fantastic!!.

Galliano choice for this Dior Haute Couture collection shapes are “sand-clocks” like, cinched waists, spectacular enourmous skirts and the oposite, enourmous waist together with cinched skirts and tops.

Pictures from: www.net-a-porter-com


This Sunday the 16th (from 15:00-21:00) was held the AFTER TEA PARTY 2011 at the Guru Club in Barcelona.

The Guru Club (Nou de la Rambla) was transformed to re-invent a very particular vintage “street” market, with an authentic proposal of creativity, party and fun.

Since you cross the door you could feel (and see of course) a hole different space where you could buy fantastic vintage cloth, from handmade accessories, customized shoes and sweaters to high brand garments, enjoy the music with a nice drink or fall into the temptation of trying the delicious cakes that where also sold (to a very, a mean very competitive price)

The responsible of creating the music environment, were Dave Deep, Hain Dutt and A-Lex, who successfully “closed” the evening.

At the end, the mission was achieved, they created a unique environment surrounded by people with genuine proposals and great ideas, where was impossible not to have a good time and enjoy looking through the hangers and letting yourself flow with the ambience.

What i´m really sure about is that I’m looking forward for the next After Tea Party, is definitely a MUST GO EVENT.


After an initial preview, a look at the complete Michael Kors Spring Summer 2011 advertisement photographed by (amazing!!) Mario Testino revealing to us the charming new faces of the brand, Simon Nessman and Karmen Pedaru.

Even if we were already used to see Noah Mills and Carmen Kass adventures around the world trhough the season, Michael Kors and Mario Testino had surprise us with the new spring 2011 stunning campaign featuring Simon Nessman and Karmen Pedaru

Mario Testino shoots another stunning campaign, this time for the Michael Kors Spring 2011 season. Going for a young and sexy approach, the designer features models Simon Nessman and Karmen Pedaru in the campaign.

Pictures taken from: www.designscene.net

FASHION BOOKS: Not to miss!!!

I made a selection of very interesting fashion books that you must check out!

They can all be purchsed in www.amazon.com

Unauthorized biography about Miucia Prada. What did the lady in question think about it? "I don't think I'm as big a bitch as you think, but I had fun reading it.”

Filled with photos at his career thus far and penned by Voguette, Sally Singer.

Rankin is a photographer whose photos never make you snooze. Interesting a very “Rankin style”

The Beauty of Violencemade personally by Karl Lagerfeld as a kind of a “porny bookwith Baptiste Giabiconi as protagonist.

One of the best fashion photographers of our time, Juergen Teller, novel of the five tendencies he sees in contemporary fashion.

Go over nearly 100 years of Vogue covers, starting with 1916 to the celeb-heavy issues from today.

PICTURES TAKEN FROM: www.amazon.com


Forty years ago in Seattle’s Pike Place Market, Starbucks began its journey - to a not far and huge success - as a roaster and retailer of high-quality coffees worldwide. Not before a decade later they started offering espresso beverages (like the double shot caramel Macchiato that saves me everyday!), but if we think in Starbucks what is the first thing that comes to our minds? The Siren!

Yesterday the coffee brand announced that due to the celebration of their 40th anniversary, Starbucks is making the first tweak to its iconic 20 years old logo (launching it in March, 2011). After sensitively exploring a huge range of logo varieties they decided to “free” the Siren from the word mark, trying to “remark” and bring their identity anytime, anywhere. Terry Davenport (Starbucks CEO) explained to Adweek that they took inspiration from companies like Nike where they separated the word “Nike” from the swoosh.

It`s definitely a big day in a brand’s life when they need no longer to print their name to be recognized immediately. We can't avoid saying that this brand is definitely part of our school, university, work...life! Congratulations!!