This Sunday the 16th (from 15:00-21:00) was held the AFTER TEA PARTY 2011 at the Guru Club in Barcelona.

The Guru Club (Nou de la Rambla) was transformed to re-invent a very particular vintage “street” market, with an authentic proposal of creativity, party and fun.

Since you cross the door you could feel (and see of course) a hole different space where you could buy fantastic vintage cloth, from handmade accessories, customized shoes and sweaters to high brand garments, enjoy the music with a nice drink or fall into the temptation of trying the delicious cakes that where also sold (to a very, a mean very competitive price)

The responsible of creating the music environment, were Dave Deep, Hain Dutt and A-Lex, who successfully “closed” the evening.

At the end, the mission was achieved, they created a unique environment surrounded by people with genuine proposals and great ideas, where was impossible not to have a good time and enjoy looking through the hangers and letting yourself flow with the ambience.

What i´m really sure about is that I’m looking forward for the next After Tea Party, is definitely a MUST GO EVENT.

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