“Viajes por el híper espacio” The exhibition hosts a series of installations and sculptures of great size, setting a course that asks the viewer their active participation, challenging our perception of space around us and our own presence.

We can go on a “trip” with
Carsten Höller´s creation, Corridors formed by arcs of slightly elevated ground lights, where you can read “Exit Only”. Corridor through which you can only go as far we see our reflection in a mirror.

Boundaries between fiction and reality are becoming more complex, contemporary art can be the best reflection of the new realities. This journey through hundreds of bulbs puts us well on this idea, a trip through “hyperspace”

Los Carpinteros (Cuban) - “Frío estudio del desastre” Another of the most striking works in the exhibition. A concrete wall fragments releasing bursts forward, forming a path of desolation in which we seem to be in the disaster at the same time that has occurred.

Ai Wei Wei creates facilities that appeal to the body and the senses and reflect on the relationship between body, space and architecture. He recently carpeted the Tate Modern in London, covering it with pipes of porcelain, in this work he also takes the best of the past and the traditions of his country.

If we keep delving on this fantastic exhibition we will also find Olafur Eliasson with “Your uncertain shadow” that encourages the viewer to interact with his silhouette and his uncertain shadow.

The viewer projects multiple shadows onto the wall that change in intensity, color and size depending on their position. Incredible trip of color silhouettes, fantasy shadows and creativity.

Definitely a “must-go” exhibition full of creativity and artfulness that can make you go onto a magical world of art, technology and senses.

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