BANKSY, there´s very limited information about this incredible and surprising artist, so lets stick up on what is proved and of course on his amazing art and way of calling our attention in different topics of life and the world we live in.

We don´t know his real name, we don`t know really were hi was born, we barely no how he looks like. We believe thanks to Tristan Manco that he was born in Yate, near to Bristol, didn´t start getting involved with the graffiti until the end of 1980´s. Even though we don´t know much about his life, his works of art speak for themselves, we can see politic, cultural pop, moral, different ethnics... He is very influenced by Blek le Rat, Parisian artist who started working with stincils in the early 1980´s. Banksy has dedicate his life to spread his art in cities around the world always being a free soul that even doesn´t profit form sales, he works to help organizations like Greenpeace. Sadly his art doesn´t please everyone, people have labeled him as vandal, hypocrite (for working for big companies like MTV and PUMA)

When his anonymity is the fact this artist can be very clever and incredibly original, he has sneak undercover into famous museums around the world (Tate Modern, MOMA, Brooklin Museum...) to hang his work.

I leave you some of his work so you can amaze yourself!!

You can also visit his webpage, were you can find more of his work :

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