Through 300 years of Western clothing, examining the changing perceptions and meanings of color through various eras we can see a hole history about it, from the eighteenth-century court gowns to couture creations by twentieth-century masters have been surrounded by colorful fabrics, prints and complements.

Due to its meaning black and white has also been strongly present through the time and we could say they had been the “safe choices” in the design world, representing luxury, elegance and tenuous. Although bright color is often associated with being a sort of primitive, wild, folk-art aesthetic, we have seen through the time how all different colors can be elegant and luxurious.

Throughout history, color has represent religion, status, origins, and its use has depend on resources. The absence of mass production in the past made some color and textiles unaffordable to many people. To be able to afford clothing in certain colors meant you were wealthier than most other people as some ingredients to produce specific colors were not available for everyone.

In our time we are seeing a huge increase in the use of colors in the design environment. Fantastic mix of colors in architecture, arts, events, interior design, everyday products, fashion and of course, marketing and communication are not staying behind, advertising and publicity strategies are the perfect example of “exploiting” the advantages and physiologic influence of colors. With just a glance we´ll get a sense of how color is gaining ground.

We all come across color on our daily life without paying any attention to the subtle messages we send or receive based on the colors we wear. We respond to colors influenced by a mixture of biological, phycological, social and cultural factors. Different colors have different meaning in various cultures and perceptions usually change depending on the origins, for example, apparently, people from warm climates respond favorably to warm colors while northerners like cooler colors.

Talking about colors is actually talking about mood, colors have the power of transmitting us feelings and sensations, creating an “external” mood on the place we are, the add we are watching or the event we are attending to. Imagine being at Cirque du Soleil, the environment created by colors will make us feel happy, exited and uplifted, on the opposite side, imagine being at the doctors consult, you will feel calm and appeased. Think about any brand, automatically you may visualize an specific color to it due to the feeling it gives you or the mood it transmit you.

Colors don't just plays a very important role in our day life, its a vital representation of our personality, mood and culture.

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