90's are BACK!
Fashion trends in the 90´s were based around blue jeans and t-shirt, very influenced by subcultures such as GRUNGE, with their flannels shirts and outdoor cloth that or they where or they looked like bought in thrift shops, willing with their style and music send an specific message of social alienation, apathy, confinement and desire of freedom in the opposite sight we had super models, athletic bodies, curves as the “perfect beauty” and Kate Moss with her carrier just about to take off with "Heroine Chik" look.

Sports clothing, leggings, pircings, opaque tights, sweatshirts, teenage “preppy look” and PUNK were also crucial at this time.

The circle of fashion dictates that styles and trends recycle about every 20 years and almost exactly at this deadline, little by little we’ve begun to see how 90´s fashion starts wriggling around.

Those who were the top models of the moment, the ones that gave more importance to women than to the designers, come back holding the hand of great fashion houses such as Channel or Ferragamo, trusting their image to Claudia Schiffer, Christy Turlington, Linda Evangelista and so on.

In catwalks and in the streets we have already seen many “comebacks”, crop tops were actually the ones that proved us that 90´s were back, together with Lycra dresses underneath, short skirts or just a pair of jeans were a must (and steel be) this summer. Bumbags came from the hand of brands such as Louis Vuitton (s/s 2010) together with all lengths baggy pants and lycra underneath mini dresses, and shorts.

Louis Vuitton s/s 2010 collection

Combat boots such as Doc Marten arrived with an incredible strength as a Grunge inspiration, following Nirvana´s “Come as you are”, worn in any color and even length, combined with anything you feel like to wear with them.

Even though since the lasts s/s collections we already watched big highlights of this almost 20 years old trend, they are just “reflections” of what it was, we are still missing typical backwards jerseys and shell-suits from hip hop culture for example.

We can say we are pretty much on the Eleine Benes (Seinfeld) total look!

Why not the 90’s? Economy was healthy, very inspirational movies such as pulp fiction, dazed and confused or even Clueless appear in this decade, we had Nirvana and the freedom feeling, actually, they were awesome!

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