"BAREFOOTING ARROUND THE WORLD" Bruce Weber's film for Dedon

DEDON, the world’s premier outdoor furniture brand, presents to us ‘Barefooting around the World’, written and directed by the iconic American photographer Bruce Weber. It was shot on Montauk, the film delights us with a number of partners like the supermodel Elaine Irwin and Dree Hemingway

We can surely say that is a very personal film representing and reflecting the deep connection between Weber and Bobby Dekeyser (Dedon’s founder) evoking deep feelings such as friendship, family, adventure and the power and beauty of life outdoors, hobby that both men cherish.
‘Barefooting’ is set on a dreamlike, floating ‘sea house’ specially created by Stefan Beckman.

Decorated in a laid-back, luxuriously Bohemian style and furnished with DEDON’s unique, hand-woven, weather-resistant designs, the house awakens deepest fantasies of a life near the sea, with relaxing lazy rhythms, gentle breezes, and laughs under its blue skies.

The cast includes the British Paul Sculfor and American Kyleigh Kuhn, who balances Weber shoots for Italian Vogue with school building in Afghanistan. Creative Direction for the film was supplied by Alex Wiederin of Buero New York.

It’s a film full of feelings and sensation that make us dream about a fantastic adventure world with day-life “fairytales”, the wind in your hair, the water in your skin, the feeling of the sand in your feet and your heart rate racing, it’s the mood of the film referring to an incredibly free way of living.

(This is an excerpt from the film, in the original the music was desactivated for Copyright)

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