Times are changing, technology is moving and and blogging is every day gaining importance for retailers. One of the leading department stores world wide is now into the bloggosphere. Saks Fifth Avenue created , Saks POV (Point Of View), calling people with their strap: " A Point of View on the the fashion world from the most style-obsessed people on the planet."

Saks also casts the people working on their stores as the experts to turn for knowledge about fashion, photography, jewlery and even where to eat pizza!

Of course it is not just about blogging, as Barney’s (B-Sides) and Berdorf Goodman (5th and 58th) are already did. It’s a good way to reach out customers, getting even closer and get them to spend money, as the store’s management to WWD.

“There is more of an emphasis on editorial,” Denise Incandela said (president of Saks). “We find customers respond very well to that, they look to us as a fashion authority for that. If you look at us now versus two years ago, you will see a big shift there. It’s very well received by customers, and we measure that in terms of traffic as well as sales conversions.”

Saks blog will have many surprises, interviews with designers, trends (of course) inspiring people and profile of people working in Saks.

Now it’s to soon to talk, but there’s a lot to expect from this new “luxury neighbor”, for now let’s welcome Saks to the bloggosphere!!

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