Now a days, specifically since 2003 the blogosphere has become bigger and bigger. In record time fashion blogs had become one of the preferred media world-wide, influencing all “ambits” surrounding it, clothing, accessories, trends and celebrities fashion and street style.

The continuous updates, and massive posts tell us that they are information exponent, but we can’t forget that the revolution of the “open” vocabulary, the freedom involving every article, the possibility of comments, critics and the influential they can be on us tell us that blogs are opinion generators (lets say 50-50)

Through the rapidness of this media, blogs had certainly change the way people can perceive fashion, making possible for everyone to be aware of the latest trends, fast looks, shopping advices, giving honest opinions in every topic, all this without having to buy an expensive magazine or to wait until the last number of “Vogue” to come out. In my opinion this opened a huge “fashion” door to people that before wasn’t interested in fashion magazines. The same products we used to see before in the most famous Star, now we can see it on bloggers we follow. Due to this “blog-boom” every day more fashion brands want to advertise their products through the most influential bloggers, using “product placement” on this “real person” we like to read, why we believe it? As long as it’s respected the fine line between advertising what you and your readers like and advertising everything for money and keep it coherent could be fine, we all have different likes and dislikes, blogs are about writing, why not to say it?

Perhaps the success of blogs is because they are written or perceived to be written by a “real person” and we truly believed that the marketing people behind every glossy fashion magazine we can find in every bookstore haven’t manipulated the article.

With no doubt the nature of blogs is that they are a quicker and far more interactive form of communication that a traditional magazine, fashion shows, collections and opinions can be instantly posted giving interesting previews to the readers.

I think the most important factor in fashion blogs attracting so many readers is the enthusiasm, care and love that bloggers have for the subject.

Fashion blogs aren’t going to slow down their “revolution” right now, even though I don’t think they are going to replace printed media for sure they are going to continue growing, becoming the preferred source of information and ofcourse, inspiration for fashion consumers.

Pictures taken from: www.fashiongossips.com / www.thelovemagazine.co.uk / www.forever21.com/www.fashiontoast.com

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